California Probate Attorneys I Meissner Joseph Palley & Ruggles, Inc.

Probate is the court administered process of distributing a deceased persons estate to those entitled to receive the decedent’s assets. Although generally not a pleasant experience, it can not always be avoided. We plan most of our client’s estates with living trusts which will avoid the need for a probate at their death. Not everybody, however, came to Meissner Joseph Palley & Ruggles, Inc. for their estate planning needs, and thus many people will have their estate’s probated after they pass away. This process is timely (roughly seven months minimum from date of death to distribution of assets and often longer) and very costly (the fees are laid out in the California probate code), but is required by law in many instances.  We are here to discuss how the probate process works in California. Contact Meissner Joseph Palley & Ruggles, Inc. to discuss your Yolo county probate needs.

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