Client Reviews

Like Family

I’ve been working with Mr. Palley so long time now it is like he is a member of the famuly. He is a fantastic lawyer and able to simplify very complex issues to help me make the right decisions for all my probate issues..

– Jeff

Excellent Attorney

John Palley helped me through the probate process when my husband passed away. His knowledge of probate law and estate planning including testamentary and special needs trusts is unmatched. Mr. Palley guided me through one of the most difficulty processes a person can go through. I would recommend him to everyone I know.

– Jennifer

Great Attorney! John Palley

– Gary

A solid choice for probate and estate planning matters

– Scot


– Amelia

A really hard worker

Joh, did a complicated will and trust for me and was always timely, courteous and professional.

– Ed

Heartfelt thanks!

I am an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice defense in Maryland. I was named the Executor of an Estate in Sacramento County, California and rapidly learned that my Estates and Trusts experience in Maryland was not up to the task of California Probate. I searched for an experienced Estates firm to assist me through the process and found John Palley and his firm.

I cannot say with enough enthusiasm how strongly I would recommend John and his firm. He was incredibly accessible, knowledgeable and supportive though the whole process. Additionally, I found his Associate and his staff to be equally accessible, helpful and professional.

Thanks to John and his team for a very successful outcome!

Elizabeth[removed by Avvo staff]

– a Probate clien

Professional, Personable, and Approachable

John assuaged a lot of my worries and concerns regarding my estate planning. For me, his greatest strength was that he listened to all my questions and answered in them in language that I could understand. No hidden agendas and no misleading — just straight-forward and helpful advice and execution.

– Andrew

A #1 Attorney!!!

He responded within 10 minutes via email. He asked many questions and was thorough, kind, caring and though he couldn’t help me, he was quick to let me know how to widen my search! I would recommend Mr. Palley to anyone!

– Leslie

A pleasure to work with.

John is my trust attorney, and has been for 10 years. He is intelligent, competent, and never fails to respond quickly to any questions/concerns I might have. Highly recommended!

– Eileen


My family had hired an attorney that had completely misinformed us about the position we were in and what we were entitled to regarding our probate/estate case.
Wanting a second opinion, I emailed John and he was quick to respond and dead on accurate with his information to me. He definitely knows this area of law. If he was closer to Orange County I would’ve fired our attorney and hired him.

– Traci

Got my questions answered fast

We had a surprise on who was and was not on the title to the house after my step-father died. John gave us clear, actionable advice within an hour after I sent an email to him. I felt like I knew what legal grounds we stood on and direction about what to do next. Thank you John!

– Teddy