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Californians are discovering that Estate Planning is vital to long-term financial success, and that it is not just a task for older persons. Since 1979, we have worked with clients of all ages who wanted to preserve and protect their assets and property for their own benefit and that of future heirs. You never know when you will need the protection offered by various Estate Planning tools, but when you do need them, you can feel confident that the documents we helped you create are properly executed and ready to fulfill your wishes.

Law Firm of Meissner Joseph Palley & Ruggles, Inc.

The Law Firm of Meissner Joseph Palley & Ruggles, Inc. has served Californians with top quality Estate Planning and Probate advice and representation since 1979. Our clients come from all economic levels, with estate holdings of all sizes, small to large. If you value it, that property is worth protecting legally with Estate Planning tools like Wills, Trusts and other documents.

California Estate Planning Attorneys

Attorney John Palley is our lead California probate attorney.  We have Yolo county residents in the firm!  We have dedicated our law practices to center on probate, trusts and estate planning services. The team has extensive knowledge of this area of California law, and offer complete legal services to clients for:

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If you want to know more about Estate Planning, Probate matters, Trusts, Wills & Living Wills, and business law contact the law offices of Meissner Joseph Palley & Ruggles, Inc.