Our firm has been working with clients in Yolo county since the 1970’s! We are extremely active in Yolo county with a heavy dose of YOLO COUNTY PROBATE COURT WORK!  Though we do not currently have a physical office in Yolo county we have partnerships with many attorneys and other professionals there and thus do a large amount of work there.  Let us help you if you have a need in Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento, or any other city in Yolo county!  Probate, estate planning, business law with a focus on Yolo, Sacramento, Solano, Placer and all of CALIFORNIA!    Highly experienced attorneys, a group of attorneys so you always have a professional to call, and we are here to HELP YOU!

If you talk to another attorney in Yolo county ask them:

  • Are they a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law?  That is the certification received after one successfully passes a SECOND BAR EXAM and a background check of lawyers and Judges. If you are talking to an attorney who hasn’t done this ask them why.  We have multiple attorneys who hold this certification because we are focused, specialized and highly experienced.
  • Are they AV Rated by Martindale Hubbell?  This is the highest rating one can get from the oldest attorney rating service there is. Why would you work with a law firm who has not received the highest rating possible?  Go to Martindale.com or Lawyers.com for more information.
  • How long have they been in practice?  We have attorneys in our firm who have been practicing since the 1970’s.  The mix of highly experienced along with other attorneys, with 15-25 years experience, makes us hard to match in Yolo county!
  • Do they have other attorneys in their firm?  What happens if they get sick?  What happens when they are on vacation?  Do they schedule your probate court days based on their schedule or the fastest available schedule?
  • Have they been rated as “Super Lawyers” by Superlawyers.com?  According to that website this is reserved for approximately the top 5% of attorneys.  Would you rather work with an attorney in the top 5% or the bottom 95%?
  • How many probates has the other attorney done?  We literally have completed multiple-thousands of California probates. Literally, 2,000+!  Not to say quantity is the only thing because obviously quality is the key…but quality comes from quantity. We have seen most every imaginable and unimaginable situation in our cases!





Please visit our main California Probate page at CaliforniaProbate.INFO



Probate is the court-administered process of distributing a deceased person’s estate to those entitled to receive the decedent’s assets. Although generally not a pleasant experience, it can not always be avoided. We plan most of our client’s estates with living trusts which will avoid the need for a probate at their death. Not everybody, however, came to Meissner, Joseph, Palley & Ruggles, Inc. for their estate planning needs, and thus many people will have their estate’s probated after they pass away. This process is timely (roughly seven months minimum from date of death to the distribution of assets and often longer) and very costly (the fees are laid out in the California probate code), but is required by law in many instances. We are here to discuss how the probate process works in California. Contact Meissner Joseph Palley & Ruggles, Inc. to discuss your Yolo county probate needs.

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